Groove a Pure, Straight-Through Swing-Path with the New Slot It Golf, Swing-Trainer. Practice with the Red Poles for Irons and Black Poles for Woods.

The Only Base & Poles Swing-Trainer Designed for the Driver, Woods and Irons (Patented Design). It will help you create what all top ball-strikers have: the correct swing-path and angle-of-attack. (For left & right handers.)

Video: Learn more and see the swing-trainer in use

Video: Create a Better Straight-through Driver Swing with the Black Poles

Feedback from using the Black Poles will help you groove a better on-plane swing

Create a better Driver Swing with the Slot It Golf Swing Trainer

The Red Poles will help you find the perfect Slot for your arms and club to swing in

Irons-Only Base & Poles Swing-Trainers are Outdated. Slot It's Patented Design supersedes them - Designed for Irons, Woods & The Driver. Master your Swing-Path and hit Cleaner, Straighter Shots with all clubs

Amazon Customer Feedback on the New, Slot It Golf Swing Trainer - Including a Review from a past Speed Trap user

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This trainer is well made, strong, and with practice, will help you groove a better swing path and golf swing.  To ease any concerns you may have, if you purchase and you are not a fan of your Slot It Golf Swing Trainer, contact us, request a refund, ship the trainer back to us and we will refund you your money. 

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Anthony Procopis - Slot It Golf Creator