My name is Anthony Procopis, founder and designer of the Slot It Golf Swing Trainer. You can see me throughout the site in photos and in videos hitting balls and talking about the swing trainer.

I have had a lifetime playing, thinking about and improving at this game. I have had many golf websites and produced training programs for subscribers and customers since 2011.  

The Slot It Golf Swing Trainer is an improvement upon the older base and poles trainers. As I mention on the home page, the Irons-only (similar) trainer is fine,  but they were designed in about 2013 and have not improved since. It was time for an upgraded more useful trainer that offered users more, specifically:  

  1. The ability to practice with Irons, fairway-woods, rescues and long irons, and of course, the Driver 
  2. An improved base design that matches the flat, straight slot 6 inches prior to impact and 6 inches after. Great strikers swing through this zone (with instant feedback from the trainer, you instinctively groove a better swing) 

[June 30, 2020 Update: Claims for these innovations have been accepted by the USPTO and the trainer has been officially Patented. Specific details are on the Patents webpage.]

I'm dedicated to helping golfers improve the swings, ball-striking and enjoyment of the game

I want all of my customers to improve a lot! That's why I created for you:

  1. A top quality swing trainer (that has minor improvements every few months)
  2. Instructional videos (on this site, free) and instructional guide with all trainers
  3. Quality service including swift delivery or products, quick resolution of any problems, ongoing support, and a 100% money back guarantee.

Strong, quality golf nets/cages and hitting-mats for the home coming in 2023.

If you'd like to contact me, go via the contact page.


Anthony Procopis - Founder of Slot It Golf