Small Portable Premium Golf Mats by Slot It Golf

Small Premium Golf Mats for the patio, backyard, garage, practice fairway or work place. 

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Product One: Deluxe 3-Layer Hitting Mat and Stance Mat (both included) for All Surfaces


  • 1.38 Inch/35mm thick mats for Maximum Shock Absorption
  • Use any club...simply move the hitting mat closer to you for irons & further away for long clubs
  • Premium knitted nylon grass on-top of thick strong EVA Foam (both mats) on-top of a no-slip rubber base (small hitting mat)

Advantages of this small portable hitting mat/stance may combination:

  • More portable than Driving Range Mats. Maximum cushioning and premium synthetic grass layer. Both weigh about 10 lbs
  • Efficient & Effective - Enjoy full length driving range mat and quality surface without the unused space between feet and ball in traditional full length mats

Hit off any surface with little-to-zero hitting mat movement

Designed for any surface. The Stance Mat can't move as you are standing on it, while the portable hitting mat - unlike other small mats - has zero to minimal movement because of: 1 - its weight (10lbs), and 2 - its rubber base (see below for 3 layer construction notes).