Are you looking for a Speed Trap Golf Swing Trainer? They were quite good, but, designed for Iron's Only. The New Slot It Golf Swing Trainer gives you more - Designed for Irons, Woods and the Driver

The Slot It Golf Trainer has everything that the Speed Trap has and more, notably, an improved Patent Pending Design that enables you to not only practice your irons as is the case with the Speed Trap, but also with the Driver, Woods and Hybrids.

Use the Red Poles with Irons and Black Poles with Woods.


Slot It Golf Improved Speed Trap Type Swing Trainer


 Feedback from using the Black Poles will help you groove a better on-plane Driver-swing

Using Slot It Golf black poles to groove a better driver swing-path

The Red Poles will help you find the perfect Slot for your arms and club to swing your irons in

Master your swing-path, slot your swing with red poles slot it trainer practice

Irons-Only Base & Poles Swing-Trainers are Outdated. Slot It's Patent Pending Design supersedes them - Designed for Irons, Woods & The Driver  

Speed Trap Golf Trainer versus Slot It Golf Comparison


Slot It Golf Swing Trainer Designed for the Driver, Woods and Irons

Video: See the Slot It Trainer in use and the differences between it and the Speed Trap Style Trainer

Video: Create a Better Straight-through Driver Swing with the Black Poles

Free Slot It Golf Instructional Videos

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Slot It Golf Free Instructional Videos


Slot It Golf Black Poles and Driver
  • An over-the-top or overly inside-out swing-path will send the poles flying - thereby giving instant feedback for you to adjust naturally to a better swing-path with subsequent swings.
  • For left & right handers.
All on-plane swingers return to 45 to 50 degree shaft impact angle regardless of height. Do this consistently and you will hit the ball straight and clean.
  • There is a small gap between the shaft/head and poles so a solid swing returning to between 44 and 52 will miss the poles. 

The Red Poles will help you find the perfect Slot for your arms and club to swing in

Master your swing-path, slot your swing with red poles slot it trainer practice

  • The red poles are 62 degrees - a standard 7 iron angle. You can go as low as a 4 or 5 iron if your swing is well honed. Exactly the same as in the Speed Trap (but obviously, Slot It has many more uses).
  • You can practice with all four poles, two poles or none at all (just the base), and, with or without a ball.
  • You can also use base and poles for practicing chipping and pitch shots. See videos on free videos page for other uses, progressions and instruction.

Chipping with the slot it golf swing trainer

The Only Base & Poles Swing-Trainer Designed for Irons, Woods & The Driver. Master your Swing-Path and hit Cleaner, Straighter Shots with all clubs

Please, click around the internet (and view them on Amazon pictured below) and you will see the common Speed Trap/base & red poles irons-only swing-trainers everywhere (they come from the same factory!). They are solid, no doubt about it, read the reviews, but they could be better - as they only allow for practice with a 5 iron & higher. This inbuilt limitation is why we went to work -  designed, tested and made a better (Patent Pending) Swing-Trainer designed for the Driver, Hybrids/Woods, & Irons practice. See the comparison table up the top of the page.

Below, the older style Speed Trap irons-only swing trainer & copies as seen on Amazon (same trainer, different names). One option only: a base plus 62 degree red poles for irons practice.

Speed Trap Irons Only Copycat Swing Trainers

Amazon Customer Feedback on the New, Slot It Golf Swing Trainer - Including a Review from a past Speed Trap user

Slot It Golf Swing Trainer Reviews

Slot It Golf Swing Trainer Reviews

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100% Money Back Guarantee

This trainer is well made, strong, and with practice, will help you groove a better swing path and golf swing. To ease any concerns you may have, if you purchase and you are not a fan of your Slot It Golf Swing Trainer, contact us, request a refund, ship the trainer back to us and we will refund you your money. 

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Anthony Procopis - Slot It Golf Founder